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Plastic Martyr is an American transgender celebrity living in Los Angeles, CA. She is known for her rule breaking and cutting edge fashion, music and personality. She has been making headlines for the last few years for her participation in the fight for equality among transgender people.


Plastic Martyr is a high fashion print and runway model. She has been modeling since the age of 14. Born biologically male, P.M. decided at a very young age she was not going to be restricted by gender stereotypes and began to model as female for high end designers and world renowned photographers. In 2013 P.M also began doing music, releasing her first single “Porcelain Fangs”. P.M. has also been spotted on many T.V shows such as TMZ and E! and other various reality channels.

P.M. is breaking down walls every day in the entertainment industry and will continue to dazzle on the red carpets and pages of magazines!


“Gender and fashion should have no boundaries” -Plastic Martyr